ATM Accessibility Features

The primary purpose of an ATM is convenience: offering easy access to fast cash. When any aspect of an ATM becomes inconvenient — for the user or the operator — the unit stops being profitable and only serves to take up space. ATM accessibility, therefore, is one of the most important things to consider when operating one or more ATMs. Worldwide ATM strictly adheres to industry best practices by offering a slate of features that ensure security, accessibility, and profitability.

Rules regarding ATM accessibility have been added to the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure ATMs can truly be used by everyone. The ADA guidelines are a legal requirement in the United States and represent best practices for ATM accessibility globally.

ADA regulations for ATM accessibility include: 

  • Braille instructions 
  • Speech mode
  • A headphone jack for the visually impaired
  • Adequate clearance and height for individuals with mobility concerns

Most of the burden for compliance lies on the ATM manufacturer, but operators are responsible for replacing outdated machines and ensuring the physical space around each unit is sufficient. Whether you are leasing or purchasing your first ATM, or already manage a portfolio of multiple units, it is absolutely essential that you partner with an ATM provider that makes accessibility their top priority.

Ensuring your machine’s accessibility does not mean you’ll need to compromise on ATM security features. For example, ATM accessibility features for the visually impaired include additional security measures such as private, adjustable audio that cuts out if the user’s headphone jack is disconnected so no bystanders can overhear transaction details. The best modern ATMs prioritize both accessibility and security in equal measure. 

As an industry leader for over 15 years, Worldwide ATM has facilitated ATM accessibility on a global scale. Our partners trust us to ensure efficient, convenient, and profitable ATM service, and our machines set the standard for accessibility and security features. We upgrade each unit as needed to ensure they are up to date with accessibility laws and best practices. We further protect our partners’ investments by tracking our ATMs’ performance in real-time, monitoring concerns with 24/7 tech support and responding to repair requests within 24 hours.

Worldwide ATM works hard to make sure our machines can be accessed by anyone at any time. To learn more about our full complement of ATM accessibility and security features, contact a Worldwide ATM representative.

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