Casino ATM Placement

At any casino, cash is king. Without a well-functioning ATM in your casino, your customers are more than likely to leave once they’ve run out of the money they brought in with them. Additionally, a well-placed ATM allows passersby to make an impromptu gambling trip, even if they didn’t leave their house with enough cash.

Do ATMs Actually Boost Casino Profits?

Not only do ATMs provide customers a way to participate in a cash-heavy business, but having an ATM in a casino comes with other perks as well. For example, if you own or lease the machine, the surcharge fee on transactions will bolster your profits. Additionally, people often pay extra for convenience, which means casino fees can be higher than usual surcharges. Furthermore, Worldwide ATMs offer higher withdrawal limits on extremely user-friendly machines – perfect for high rollers.

Keeping Your ATMs Up and Running

In order for the ATM to boost profits, downtime must be kept to a minimum. If your casino already has machines but they’re not functioning as intended, now is a great time to switch to an ATM partner that allows you to focus on your casino business rather than worry about cash services. With most casinos offering 24/7 gambling, it’s crucial to have access to 24/7 tech support for your machines. Worldwide ATM is proud to offer the best customer support in the industry.

How Much Do Casino ATMs Cost?

It depends! There are three ways you can ensure a top-of-the-line ATM is readily available for your casino’s customers.

  • Worldwide ATM offers ATM placement for your casino at no cost to you – and we handle all upkeep, loading, and maintenance. In many cases, we will even pay your casino a percentage of that machine’s profits.
  • Leasing an ATM is a middle-ground option, best for businesses that don’t want to purchase an ATM or wait for a return on income but need a secure machine now. Leasing ensures a consistent, tax-deductible monthly payment you can budget for as well as allows your casino to keep all surcharge fees.
  • If you’d like to buy an ATM for your casino, most businesses find a return on investment to take anywhere from three to eighteen months. Worldwide ATM offers connectivity to all leading PIN debit networks as well as the most secure machines.

Find Your Casino ATM

It’s clear that ATMs and casinos go hand-in-hand. Worldwide ATM is your go-to provider for secure machines – contact us today to get started.

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