How to Set Up an ATM

How to Set Up an ATM

Installing an ATM at your business can be a great way to increase sales and boost the average order value customers spend. But it’s essential to do your research and have a plan of action to ensure you install it correctly. Here is a look at how to set up an ATM to make this process smooth and simple.

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Where Will You Place the ATM?

The first step to learning how to properly set up an ATM machine is figuring out where to place it. Be strategic with your potential placement. It won’t attract many customers and bring a return on your investment if the machine is hidden away in a dark corner where no one can access it. Find space for it in a highly visible location that can be properly monitored by employees or security cameras. Make sure that customers using the ATM won’t get in the way of your other customers. 

If you truly don’t have room for it at the front of your business, consider creating a sign to let customers know you have an ATM and where they can find it. For certain types of businesses, visibility isn’t as crucial as long as you make it apparent that you have an ATM and provide clear directions to where they can find it. 

For instance, if you own a restaurant, you may not want the ATM in the front where it could potentially get in the way of welcoming and seating guests. However, a strategically placed sign at the front of the business along with basic directions to where customers can find it will ensure that diners know they can take out cash to pay the bill or leave a tip. Proper placement is crucial to learning how to install an ATM correctly. So make sure you consider your space before you invest in a machine.

How Will You Protect the ATM?

Although ATMs can greatly benefit your business, they also carry certain risks. Having all that cash sitting in one machine can tempt potential thieves. So another aspect of deciding how to set up and where to place an ATM is establishing certain security measures. 

Most new ATMs are well-fortified with durable metals and feature advanced encryption software to protect customers’ sensitive data, but that doesn’t mean hackers and scammers can’t find ways to tamper with the device. So make sure to keep the machine in a highly surveilled area where you can detect any foul play. You may want to install extra security cameras where the ATM is placed or keep it in a location that can be locked and secured at night. Even if you think your business is in a safe area, you never know who may enter your business with unlawful intentions. So if you want to know how to install an ATM successfully, prioritize security.

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How Will You Have the Machine Serviced?

Another important consideration when deciding how to set up an ATM Machine is figuring out a proper procedure for maintenance and repairs. Any malfunctions or technical difficulties can impact your business and potentially turn away customers. Especially if you’re a business that relies on cash transactions, you’ll want to ensure that your ATM is functional at all times. So it’s essential to have a system to maintain your machine and promptly attend to any issues.

Make sure that you discuss the details of potential maintenance requests with your ATM provider before purchasing. Who is responsible for paying for repairs if something goes wrong? Depending on the company you purchase or lease your machine from, you may be eligible for complimentary repair services. 

Plus, when considering how to set up an ATM, you should also decide how you will transport the cash. It can be a major undertaking that leaves you vulnerable to robberies or misplacing funds, creating major liabilities for your business. Moving large amounts of cash from the bank to your machine is a delicate procedure, and most business owners are better off outsourcing this responsibility to avoid liability issues and the potential for theft. Trained professionals with armored trucks are better suited for this task. Again, talk with your ATM provider to learn if this service is included in your contract, or if you will have to arrange your own transport service. Make sure you have a solid plan for transporting funds when deciding how to install an ATM

Find a Reliable ATM Provider

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