Gas Station ATM Placement

Everyone who drives a car visits a gas station, making it one of the most convenient locations to withdraw cash. Moreover, when most banks close, gas stations stay open, making them critical for anyone who needs cash after regular business hours.

If your gas station store doesn’t have an ATM — or the existing machine is outdated — you’re missing out on potential revenue.

ATM Management

Worldwide ATM will be your partner in whatever capacity you need, starting with an assigned account manager dedicated to helping you grow your business. If you don’t want to purchase a machine, take advantage of our ATM placement service for your gas station. This way, you reap the rewards of increased foot traffic and more cash availability for your customers without doing any of the work. We’ll handle the upkeep and cash management.

Upgrading Your Machine

After banks, gas stations and convenience stores are the second most popular locations for cash withdrawals. It’s likely that your gas station already has an ATM. If it’s older than ten years, lacks proper security and monitoring features, or experiences too much downtime, then it’s time for an upgrade. Worldwide ATM partners with the largest manufacturers using only the latest and best technology and software. With 24/7 tech support and quick repair services, we will maximize your machine’s network uptime.

Types of Placement

Whether you own the machine or not, customers tend to spend a quarter of the cash they withdrew at the same place as the ATM used. You just need to decide which option works best for your gas station.

  • Placement: With this option, we’ll handle all costs involved with placing a machine in your gas station. You will enjoy the perks of increased cash availability for your customers who are statistically more likely to spend that cash on the premises.
  • Leasing: Rather than purchase an ATM outright, for a low monthly rate, you can enjoy all the benefits of our user-friendly machines. In this case, you get to keep all surcharge fees, bolstering your profits even more without the long-term commitment.
  • Purchasing: Get a quote from Worldwide ATM today to buy a brand new, upgraded ATM for your gas station. On average, depending on foot traffic, it takes about three to eighteen months to see a return on investment for a new ATM.

Get An ATM Now

Gas station ATMs are so popular that it’s an expectation for many customers. Don’t disappoint! Make sure you have a reliable, upgraded machine in your store today.

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