Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Worldwide ATM protects the information you have shared. It is our policy to establish customer relationships that are founded on trust and respect for privacy.

Your Rights

Worldwide ATM exercises your right to keep your personal information private under 12 CFR Part 40, privacy of consumer financial information.


Worldwide ATM will not share your information unless

  1. Permitted by title V of the Gramm – Leach – Bliley Act of 1999 and other regulations and laws that are applicable or.
  2. You give your consent to share nonpublic information.

Worldwide ATM is committed to protecting every customer’s privacy and personal information. Your information allows us to offer you the most convenient financial services to serve your needs. It’s important that you know what information we collect and how it is effective and protected. This notice applies to all Worldwide ATM employees so that they collect, use, retain and protect nonpublic personal consumer information.

Your Information

We collect ‘nonpublic personal information’ to provide you with our financial services and products. The information might include assets, income, payments and overdraft history.

There are three ways in which we collect nonpublic personal information:

  • You provide information on applications or other forms.
  • Information is gathered about your transactions with us.
  • Credit bureaus, real estate appraisers and employers provide us with information.

Disclosure of Information

Worldwide ATM does not disclose nonpublic personal information about you except as permitted by federal law (Title V, Gramm – Leach – Bliley act of 1999) or unless you give your consent. Your personal information will remain confidential even if you close your account, you end your relationship with us, or your account becomes inactive.

To provide your financial services, Worldwide ATM works with third parties. To fulfill our third-party service agreements, we may disclose information as necessary. For instance, to properly maintain or service your ATM, we may disclose relevant information about you to third parties.

Other instances in which we may disclose information include the following: government entities (annual IRS income statements), other third parties like credit agencies, or if requested by a subpoena. Information that we collect, as previously described, may be disclosed to marketing services working for Worldwide ATM. To protect your information, third parties must adhere to strict confidentiality agreements. Since Worldwide ATM limits the sharing of your nonpublic personal information, no further action is required from you to limit access.

Disclosure: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Your information may be shared with our affiliates. If you like, you can direct us not to share certain credit information with affiliates. For instance, you can choose to direct us not to share nonpublic personal information from your application or that we have access to through a non-affiliated third party like a credit agency.

You cannot request that we do not share credit information that is allowed by law. This would include information that is related to our transactions with you like the balance of your account or your payment history. We are always allowed to share this kind of information with our affiliates.

Worldwide ATM Privacy Promise

We will protect your privacy while offering you the services and products that best suit your particular needs. While following the provisions of this privacy notice, we will guard your information and help you achieve your business goals.

Effective Dates

The date posted below is the effective date of this Privacy Notice. See the Worldwide ATM website for changes or updates. Under Federal Law, customers of Worldwide ATM will be notified of updates and changes.

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