Hotel ATM Placement

Hotels are the ideal place for ATMs. With many out-of-town guests unfamiliar with local banks, hotels offer a safe, trustworthy location for visitors to access their cash. Moreover, many people don’t like traveling with large amounts of cash. Providing guests with convenient access to their money once they arrive is an added comfort and service. Buying an ATM for your hotel adds an additional stream of income via surcharge fees, and guests with cash often spend more at your hotel gift shop and restaurant.

Pad Your Profits

When you lease or buy an ATM for your hotel, you get to keep the surcharge fees. If your hotel sees a lot of foot traffic, purchasing an ATM for your guests should be a no-brainer. Even employees would benefit — either from the increased availability of cash tips or from the conveniently-located machine for their own needs. 

Worldwide ATM will be your business partner when you lease or buy one of our top-notch ATMs. Our machines provide connectivity to all leading PIN debit networks as well as an online reporting system for dependable management. We do not require background checks – you only need a city permit license, and we will put a secure machine inside your hotel.

Benefit From Cash Availability

If you want to provide your guests with the luxury and convenience of an ATM in your lobby, but don’t want to lease or buy one, Worldwide ATM has a placement service. At no cost to you, we will place an ATM in your hotel, handle all upkeep and management, and may even pay your business a percentage of the profits. Customers tend to spend about a quarter of the money they withdraw from an ATM wherever that machine is located. Even without owning or leasing, you could still see hotel revenue growth just because the machine is on the premises. 

Keep Your Guests Secure

When traveling, people often worry about their security. Ensure your guests’ comfort and safety by providing trouble-free access to a fully encrypted ATM. We keep you and your business safe, too, with our armored truck cash transport.

Additionally, with our 24/7 tech support, quick service for repairs, upgraded machines, and reliable online reporting system, your hotel’s ATM will experience little to no downtime.

Get a Hotel ATM Now

Upgrade your hotel business by providing the best machine for your guests, equipped with powerful processing tailored to your needs. Worldwide ATM looks forward to being your business partner – get in touch with us today for a quote.

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