Choosing Good ATM Locations

Can you put an ATM anywhere? The short answer is yes, but like most things in life, there’s a bit more to it than a one-word answer. If you’re interested in adding an ATM to your business location or managing many ATMs at multiple sites, location is the most important consideration. Worldwide ATM has been a leading global provider in ATM placement and management since 2007. Whether you plan to lease or purchase your machine, Worldwide ATM can help you put an ATM anywhere cash is needed.

Worldwide ATM has a proven track record of ATM placement and service. Work with our team of experts to develop placement strategies for your business. While any place with consistent foot traffic can be a good spot for an ATM, we recommend choosing spots where people are likely to conduct transactions within a few minutes of making a withdrawal. Based on current market trends, the most lucrative ATM placement opportunities can be found in the following locations:


Hotel guests aren’t familiar with the area, and they feel much safer withdrawing cash inside your hotel than wandering the local streets to find a machine.

Gas Stations

Some customers prefer to pay for gas with cash. Having an ATM on site ensures customers have multiple ways to pay. Plus, gas stations are guaranteed to have foot traffic every day.

Banks and Credit Unions 

Bank branches may be using outdated technology that doesn’t allow cash withdrawals with some credit cards or foreign bank accounts. A modern ATM can address these problems.


In a credit-card world, gamblers are one of the few groups who still consistently use cash. Any prominent ATM will see traffic in a casino.

Bars & Clubs

Bartenders often prefer patrons pay with cash to keep transactions quick. An ATM on site is a necessary feature for any busy establishment.

Small Businesses

Long-running businesses may be hesitant to install and maintain the most up-to-date POS system. Giving customers access to an ATM will facilitate cash transactions.

Farmers’ Markets

Individual vendors at farmers’ markets may not be able to afford a POS system and may opt for a simple cash till or lockbox to conduct sales. ATMs facilitate a cash market.


Many laundromats still use coin-operated machines. An ATM and a change machine are essential for laundromat operations.

Event Venues

Large event venues often have dozens of vendors operating at any given time. Having multiple ATMs on site ensures fast and easy transactions for all patrons.

Barbershops and Salons

Most stylists prefer cash tips. An ATM creates a better customer experience while increasing revenue.

Worldwide ATM works with our customers to find the most suitable locations for ATMs and uses live tracking tools to continually assess the value of ATMs in real time. With our service, you can put an ATM anywhere, and we offer much-needed support to ensure our products end up in locations that are good for ATM use.

Our team of advisors will ensure the safety, reliability, and profitability of your machine. Contact Worldwide ATM to start building your ATM portfolio and earn more for your business.

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