Where to Place ATMs: Find the Perfect ATM Placement Strategy

A busy city street that’s perfect for an ATM placement strategy

Where to Place ATMs: Find the Perfect ATM Placement Strategy

Whether you visit banks, retail stores, or other businesses, you’ll typically see ATMs everywhere. That’s because ATMs generate more income for companies while providing a convenient service for customers and visitors.

Before you can enjoy the revenue-generating power of an ATM, you’ll need to think about ideal potential locations. Fortunately, Worldwide ATM is here to help!

Since 2007, our company has helped businesses from all walks of life install secure and fully encrypted ATMs. In this post, you’ll learn where to place ATMs in your business for maximum use and business revenue.

1. Where You Have the Most Foot Traffic

Your business can maximize potential ATM-related profits by placing these machines in high-traffic areas. These are areas of your business where most people spend their time. Areas with lots of foot traffic can vary based on your business and industry.

For instance, placing an ATM in a bank’s main lobby is great because that’s where most customers will be. If you own a large manufacturing plant, it would be wiser to place an ATM in an area that employees frequent and not a customer lobby.

Chances are, you have an idea where most of your company’s foot traffic comes from and where it goes. Depending on the size and scope of your business, one ATM might not be enough. Worldwide ATM offers solutions that suit the needs of any business. Having multiple new ATMs is best for companies with many high-traffic areas.

2. Having Plenty of Space

An important step in an ATM placement strategy is ensuring you have enough space. We recommend leaving a little more than the bare minimum. A spacious ATM area lets people form a line during peak machine usage times. Additionally, having lots of space around an ATM makes it easy for professionals to repair and maintain your machines.

Worldwide ATM can help ensure you choose a location with the right amount of space. We also offer a wide range of ATMs to suit any company’s space needs.

3. Near Your Entryways and Exits

As a smart business owner, you want to make a customer’s experience convenient. One way to do that is by having ATMs near your company’s entryways and exits. These areas typically receive the most people, including customers, business partners, and employees.

What makes these areas the best locations for ATMs is foot traffic. Most people use your building’s designated entries and exits. Because of that, ATMs in these areas are viewable by as many people as possible. Plus, your machines have two chances to catch each person: when they enter and leave your business.

Another benefit of placing ATMs by an entryway or exit is convenience. When someone needs an ATM, it should be highly visible. If not, someone has to track you or an employee down to ask if there’s an ATM in your building. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, this confusion and lost time are avoidable with the right ATM location.

4. Making Sure They’re Accessible for Everyone

Two people looking for where a business placed an ATM

It’s vital to consider disabled individuals when choosing where to place an ATM. For instance, you’ll want an ATM location that people in wheelchairs can access without difficulties. This location could be near a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Also, ensuring everyone can use your ATMs keeps your business compliant.

Worldwide ATM can help you choose the best location from an accessibility perspective.

5. Next to Other Convenient Machines

While ATMs are incredibly convenient, some companies want or need a variety of machines for customers, visitors, or employees.

Offices, schools, and retail stores often keep stocked vending machines. If you wonder where to place ATMs, near vending machines is a smart option. You’ll also see ATMs in arcades near token machines.

Since people typically need to insert cash in token machines, having an ATM nearby is incredibly useful for customers.

6. A Well-Lit Space

It’s wise to make the future location of an ATM as inviting as possible. After finding where to place an ATM, consider upgrading the lighting in this area. A well-lit ATM area can help your machines stand out to those who need them.

7. Outside of Your Business

You don’t only have to leave an ATM inside. You’ll typically find an ATM or two outside nightclubs, gas stations, casinos, and other businesses.

Having an ATM installed outside is beneficial for bringing in profits outside your company’s traditional business hours. With an ATM placed in a well-lit outdoor area, your business can make revenue while you’re at home or on vacation.

8. Close to Check-Out Areas


Where do you place ATMs if you own a retail space? If you asked many retail business owners, they’d recommend having ATMs by your cash registers, POS systems, or other check-out spaces.

Placing an ATM near check-out areas is beneficial for people who do too much splurging. Instead of potentially losing a sale, ATMs near check-out spaces offer the cash potential customers need.

9. Consider Signage in Your ATM Placement Strategy

If you want your ATMs to be as visible as possible, consider creating or purchasing new signs for them. It might seem like going overboard. However, a few well-placed signs can bring in more ATM users and increase profit for your business.

10. Visit Nearby Businesses

Another idea for where to place ATMs involves a little traveling. Take a walk or drive around popular stores and attractions. While doing this, look for ATMs receiving the most use. Chances are, you’ll learn about several ATM installation spots.

You can take this idea a step further, taking note of the fees of your competition’s ATMs.

11. Electrical and Network Connections

ATMs require electricity and an internet connection to work properly. Before choosing where to place your ATM, ensure it easily connects to electrical and network outlets.

Understanding where to place ATMs keeps them as profitable as possible. After finding these perfect locations, your business needs high-quality and secure ATMs from Worldwide ATM. We’ll help you choose the best ATM placement strategy. Get in touch with us to start enjoying the profitability of ATMs.

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